The sun and the moon.

The moon was sitting in the night sky, gazing down at the streets below her. It had been night for a while now, and the sun was getting restless.

“Is it time for me to rise now?” he asked.

“No,” the moon replied.







“How about now?”

“SHUT! UP!!!!”

“How about-“

“I’ll get the fire extinguisher!” the moon warned.

“You wouldn’t!”

“I’m walking towards the fire extinguisher…”

“Ok! You win! I’ll be quiet!”

The moon sat peacefully for a few hours until…

“I really should be rising now.” The sun called.

“It’s not time yet!”

“It’s nine o’clock!”

The moon snorted. “Yeah right!”

“I’m serious! My watch says nine o’clock!”

“Let me see!”

The sun set his watch forward by six hours and threw it into the sky. The moon caught it. It was extremely hot.

“Ow! Ow! Hot! Hot!” she cried. She looked at the time. It said nine o’clock.

“Oops…” she muttered. “Ok fine! You can rise now!”

The sky lightened as the sun rose into the sky wearing a pair of sunglasses.

“Oh yeah!” he cried. “I’m so hot!”

“Give it a rest!” shouted the moon. “Nobody cares! The world doesn’t revolve around you.”

“Why are you still in the sky?”

The moon glared at the sun and sank into the horizon along with all the stars. Later that day, she was having a conversation with the stars. When she told them about the sun saying it was nine o’clock, they were confused.

“It was only three o’clock!” they told her. “Is that why the sun rose four hours too early?”

The moon turned so red that she looked identical to the sun. She began devising a plan.

The sun was just chilling (actually, he couldn’t chill if he was the sun, but you get the idea.) the next day when he heard a voice coming from the ground.

“Hot chips! Get your hot chips here!”

“Ooh… I could really go for some chips!”

And the sun followed the voice into the ground, completely forgetting his duty.

The moon, who had been faking that voice, rose into the sky taking the sun’s place. She had stolen the sun’s glow-in-the-dark yellow chicken suit, so she looked exactly like the sun. She was so high up that the humans couldn’t tell that she was a chicken. Once the sun found out that there were no chips, he turned back towards the sky. But to his shock, he saw that there was already a sun in the sky.

“Why are you wearing my chicken suit?” he asked.

“I look exactly like you now!” she replied.

“You think you can pass for me in that chicken suit?”

“The human’s won’t notice a thing!”

“Take the chicken suit off right now!!!!”

“Make me! Or are you too chicken?”

The sun knew that going out into the sky would make the humans think there were two suns, which would not be good.

The sun had no choice but to stay underground, and from then on, the moon always wore her yellow chicken suit at daytime and took it off at night. The sun stayed underground forever, where the stars made sure he didn’t escape. And the humans never suspected that their sun was actually a chicken.