What the moon is really made of.

Joe King and his sisters, Shay and May were flying to the moon on an investigation. Then Joe caught sight of the moon in the distance.

“There it is!” he shouted. But they soon found out that it was much closer than they thought it was. And… much smaller. It was, in fact, no bigger than a basketball.

“That’s not the moon, dummy!” Replied Shay. “This is!”

She pointed into the distance to the real moon. But then they saw that it was no bigger than a tennis ball.

“That’s not the moon, silly!” replied May. “This is!”

She pointed over towards the real-real moon. But, surprize, surprize, it was actually the size of a marble.

“That’s not the moon, stupid!” Replied Joe. “This is!”

He pointed towards the real-real-real moon. And this time, it was.

Their rocket landed on the surface and Shay opened the door…

“One small step for women, one small step for woman kind!” and she landed on the moon with a squelch!

“How is it?” asked May.

“I – I think it’s made of cheese!” she took another squelchy step.

“What type?”

“Moon cheese! Duh!”

“There’s no such thing as moon cheese!” Cried Joe.

“Yes there is! Like, everyone’s heard about it!”

Then Shay caught sight of something sticking out from under the cheese.

“My missing Frisbee!” she cried as she dug it out of the cheese. “Gee, I wondered where that had gone.”

“Can we just get out of here?” asked Joe. “I’m dairy intolerant.”

So, with Frisbee in hand, Shay climbed back into the rocket and they set off back to Earth.

“That’s not the Earth, dummy!”…