The nine main tips to become a successful supervillain.

So, you want to become a great supervillain. But you don’t know how to get there. Countless others have failed the task. Always, they make a fatal mistake that causes the heroes to save the day. Well I’ve gathered the nine most crucial things to turn a beginner into a pro villain. These are highly recommended by trained professionals. I hope you find these useful, and use them in your life as a supervillain.

1) Always have a backup plan.

If you want to accomplish something, always plan for the worst. Always having a plan B can ensure that if anything goes wrong, you are ready for it. When making plans for something, pay attention to even the most miniscule things, they’re more important than you think.

2) Find out as much as you can about your enemies.

Knowledge is power. If by investigating your enemies for flaws you find something valuable, you can use that for leverage or other means. Always consider and play to their weaknesses.

3) Remain anonymous if you can.

It’s better not to expose yourself when carrying out an evil deed. It makes things so much harder for the heroes if they don’t know who they’re up against. This also means that you can spend time with them, gaining their trust and gathering information without anyone suspecting you. (See point 2))

4) When caught, always deny everything.

Even if the heroes have hard and clear evidence against you, never admit to it no matter what. Nobody can do anything without your confession. And perhaps it may leave a slither of doubt in the rivals’ minds that you were actually behind it.

5) Be careful when giving a big villain speech.

When you have the heroes backed into a corner, or you’re about to kill them, you may have the urge to give a triumphant villain speech. Many villains do this. But take caution. A speech might give the heroes some idea of how to escape, or it could be buying them time for the escape they already had planned. If you want to say something to them, keep it short and sweet, and then don’t hesitate to kill them as soon as you can.

6) Be underestimated.

Being underestimated is a very powerful thing. Perhaps the most important thing on this list. By presenting yourself as clumsy, inexperienced and clueless you can trick your enemies into thinking it will be easy to defeat you. It would be even better if you faked a medical condition or mental illness. They may not put very much caution into their mission and not give you a second thought, allowing you to get away with anything. So instead of appearing tough and threatening, hide your skills until bringing them out at the last moment.

7) Never ask your prisoners if they have any last words.

A very common mistake most inexperienced villains make. When on the brink of bringing their enemies to their doom, they ask this question and nine times out of ten, the heroes say something that distracts the villain, or uses a code word or signal to their allies. So if you ever find yourself in this situation, don’t ask if they have any last words, just kill them. Or come up with a catchphrase of your own.

8) Hide and protect your Achilles heel at all times.

This is very important. Every villain has a fatal weakness, as does every hero. This could be a fear, an insecurity, or maybe an object that you can’t let anyone get to. Do as much as you can to keep your enemies from finding out about it, or if they already know, keep them from using it at all costs. This must be your top priority when it comes to being a supervillain.

9) Never underestimate the heroes.

They can do more than you expect. The thing about heroes is they always find a way to do everything. Always plan for the worst, this is important. A big mistake villains make is underestimating their enemies and being in the false mindset that they can do anything and the heroes can do nothing.

I hope you found these tips useful. If you did, share it with all the friends you know who want to become supervillains. Refer back to this text if you ever find yourself in a pickle. Good luck, and you’re welcome in advance.